Some of time that I see old questions and answers with links that are broken and have no Internet Archive or archive.is copy. This can be annoying, as links can be really important to answers.

What if we had some sort of reminder to archive your links, or even a button that does it for you?

It could be something like this, appearing when you hover over a link with a link to save it on the Wayback Machine or a link to save it on archive.is:

A mockup of the hover idea

Or it could pop up like a tag warning with a link where you can enter the URL to save it, but instead show up in the sidebar:

A mockup of the warning idea

Or it could be something totally different.

Mouse cursor image source

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    If this were to be implemented it should probably just be automatic. ie, the user pastes a link; when the question is submitted, that link is opened in Wayback/whatever, and then either replaces the original link or is accessible in some other way. – TheWanderer Jul 18 at 19:10
  • @TheWanderer Automatically have links archived in the Wayback Machine thanks for the great idea :-) – Stormblessed Jul 20 at 0:13

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