On the mobile site, the privilege tracker has a ">" symbol in front of the number of reputation points necessary:

Showing that it has a ">" sign in front of the number of reputation points you need for the next privilege

This is inaccurate. As soon as this user has exactly 10 reputation, they will have the privilege; people who know a little about math know that this symbol makes it seem like if the user has 10 reputation they won't have the privilege and they'd need to have 11 reputation in order to get it.

This symbol should be changed; it's misleading and very pointless.

On what it should be changed to: as pointed out in the comments, a colon wouldn't be so clear. I think that just an "at" would work well. Testing it with wider numbers shows that it still lines up well with them. Here is an anachronistic example of how it would fit with the 1.25K privilege on Beta sites if it were fixed1:

"Next privilege at 1.25k Rep." fits fine

1Here is a post I wrote about how it doesn't display the right number; I'm using it to show that if it did show the right number, it'd still fit perfectly.

  • What do you propose they use? A - would look like a minus and a | may be conceived as a one. I see no real issue here. – Dan K Jul 22 at 7:46
  • 2
    @DanK A colon would work nicely - Next Privilege: 10 Rep. – angussidney Jul 22 at 8:19
  • @angussidney Would that mean "earn 10 rep to get next privilege" or "next privilege at 10 rep"? – Modus Tollens Jul 22 at 9:53
  • 1
    @ModusTollens it would mean "next privilege at 10 rep" - although, now that you mention it, that specific wording may be even better – angussidney Jul 22 at 10:18

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