Update on August 22nd 2019: This glitch has come back:

same glitch as described below

I posted https://meta.stackexchange.com/q/331385/399694 yesterday, which got closed, with a very similar bug, but this is not a duplicate of that. This is a new problem, after that fix apparently got implemented.

The "Ask Question" button needs more legroom. It's a little cramped at the top of the page:

The button is squished onto the top of the "Asked today" text

This just looks weird. I think it should just go back to being on the right, like it used to be:

enter image description here

Maybe the last active and posted times could move under it on small screens? It would still be at the top, but wouldn't need to push the button around.

enter image description here

  • Or just move the asked,viewed,edited to the right of the button. At least on my slightly bigger screen that looks like a plausible space. Wonder how well that would scale... – Luuklag Jul 26 at 18:52

I’m having the same issue. It would be better if the button went above the title instead of wrapping below it.

screen shot of the ask button under the question title

Whatever the solution, a button unrelated to the question doesn’t belong in between the question title and stats.

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