I notice that the tag mdb has become a problem as it refers to both JBoss Message Driven Bean (as far as I can tell) and MS-Access. I am tempted to remove all mdb tags and replace them with, say, JBoss-MDB and MS-Access. I should be glad of an opinion on this as there are 57 in this tag at the moment.


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DO IT BABY!! correctly-tagged-things-are-good.


Go for it. Just take your time and make sure that the question is really related to the tag you think its related to. A while back my insomnia cranked up to 11 so I did some similar work to pass the time. You'd be surprised how many posts won't have anything to do with either technology - or both. Also be prepared to be surprised at just how vague a question can be.

If you're taking your time and checking the questions you also won't run into that many CAPTCHAs. Always a plus. :)

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