I've found out this closed question about the cost of kettlebells.

I find it an interesting question that certainly is answerable, because in such a competitive area like fitness equipment, if nobody produces something cheap, it is likely it can't be produced cheap (or, in some rare cases, like sleeping mattresses in Germany, we have a Veblen market).

Is there a site where questions about the cost aspects of producing things (both in small series or on large scale) would be on topic?

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    The closest I could think of might be SE Economics, I though have zero experience with that site. – πάντα ῥεῖ Jul 28 at 8:57
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    If you limited the question to just the relative casting cost versus a free weight Engineering.SE might be worth a try, I'd guess they need a bigger mould and more time to cool but I'm not sure cost-wise how significant that would be. – PeterJ Jul 28 at 11:57

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