Moderators see notifications for new meta questions in the diamond menu. Today a new meta question appeared on one of my sites but the notification did not:


The only difference I can see is that the new question was asked by Community, presumably by an automated process. Do such posts somehow bypass moderator notifications? Or is there a broader issue with meta notifications that I just haven't noticed yet?

The question is more than an hour old and I usually see these notifications nearly immediately.

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    That post is created automatically through a separate process which doesn't trigger a QuestionCreated event, and thus never creates any inbox item. We could probably trigger that event if moderators think it'd be useful for that to show up. – animuson Jul 29 at 21:25
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    @animuson for this specific case I think the other notifications for the event itself are sufficient, but are there other members of the class -- other auto-posts that bypass notification? – Monica Cellio Jul 29 at 21:27
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    I'm honestly not sure. This post is literally created manually by creating its own object and adding all the relevant information then submitting straight to the database rather than going through the normal post creation code. I'd assume all the election posts do similar things, but there's no way of knowing what other things might also do that since it's not connected to anything. – animuson Jul 29 at 21:45
  • I do recall this happening for election posts and I don't recall this happening for any other post. – Gilles Jul 30 at 6:52

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