When I copy a "comment" or "post" using the Stack Exchange app in iOS 13.3.1, and paste it in my Notes app, it pastes as a weird data file with what seems to be a GUID with random numbers inside of it. Why is this happening, what does it mean, and what is it doing? How can I look at the contents of the pasted file?

See screenshot and imgur video link below: https://imgur.com/gallery/U3yQJiD

notes app with weird data file inside on ios

  • If you paste the same data into a text message or into the body of an email, what appears? Do you have other apps with note-taking capabilities such as Dropbox or Evernote on which you can test? Also - try adding some text into a Notes note first, then paste the data. What happens? – IconDaemon Jul 31 at 1:41
  • This only seems to happen if you use the „Copy“ function within the app, not if you select the text directly by highlighting it? Looks like a bug in the app to me – nohillside Jul 31 at 4:40
  • iOS 13.3.1? Do you mean 12.3.1? I have 12.4 and can't reproduce it for posts, only for comments. – Glorfindel Jul 31 at 5:41
  • @gorfindel me too, the copy function seems to be available for comments only anyway – nohillside Jul 31 at 5:45
  • One more nail in the app coffin. – Shadow The Princess Wizard Jul 31 at 6:49
  • I can reproduce on iOS 12.4 for comments. If you try pasting into iMessage it doesn’t paste anything. – Notts90 Jul 31 at 7:28
  • @ShaWiz or justification to have a revamp... I’d be gutted if the app got binned, I do most of my browsing using it. – Notts90 Jul 31 at 7:29
  • @Notts90 it's like using IE6, or Windows 95. It's ancient app, no longer supported by the people who developed it, and keeps falling apart slowly but surely. ;( – Shadow The Princess Wizard Jul 31 at 7:45
  • @Notts90 I can verify the same result with imessage pasting – DanRan Aug 2 at 19:28
  • @Glorfindel Yes, 12.3.1 sorry – DanRan Aug 2 at 19:28

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