Is there a list somewhere, that explains which questions are appropriate in each of the Stack Exchange sites?

Frequently, I'd ask a question on Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange/Super User/Server Fault et al., based on the site's similar questions, only to be notified by the site moderators that my question is inappropriate for their site.

How can I learn what can be asked about so that I can ask questions that won't be closed as off-topic?

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    I'm always happy when I see people trying to learn about the network and get better at using the site. I hope my edit stays in line of what you're trying to ask. Glorfindel's answer is a good one, and what I was in the process of drafting myself. It's not a bad idea for us to create a digest version of this somewhere but I think that knowing where to find it will be a good start for you. Thanks for the effort! – Catija Aug 5 at 22:09
  • @gnat That's hardly a guide to all of SE. Not a duplicate. – Catija Aug 5 at 23:58

Yes, there's a list of sites where you see the taglines, e.g. Stack Overflow is "Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers". Of course, that's not nearly detailed enough, and therefore all sites have their own version of the Help Center article What topics can I ask about here?. To quickly go from one site's version to another, you only need to change the domain; the relative URL is always /help/on-topic.

Since we have a lot of sites where a computer science/programming question might be on-topic (depending on a lot of specifics), some of the users here have compiled these Help Center articles into a single FAQ: Which computer science / programming Stack Exchange sites do I post on?

  • Thanks for your answer, @Glorfindel. I went through the URLs you mentioned, but still cannot figure out what (for example) is the difference between superuser.com and serverfault.com. – boardrider Aug 7 at 4:59
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    Well, broadly speaking, it's system administrator questions about software and hardware (Server Fault) vs. consumer questions about software and hardware (Super User). There will be some overlap, of course, but the general difference should really be clear from carefully reading (not skimming) the help center pages. – Glorfindel Aug 7 at 16:18

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