There has been a change in how bounties are displayed in some of the question lists, and while there is room for improvement it looks odd for bounties which are in their grace period. It's probably better not to show 'grace period' at all.

enter image description here

Since this screenshot was taken from the Featured page, one can at least deduce from the other questions that it has something to do with bounties; but on the Interesting tab it's really confusing, especially if you're new to Stack Exchange. Moving the information to the right, as I proposed in the linked question, doesn't really help; at least the +50 label has a helpful tooltip "this question has an open bounty ...".

  • Can't it just be put in the same box as the bounty amount is in? Easiest fix IMO. I would even considering tagging this as a bug, rather than a FR. – Luuklag Aug 9 '19 at 9:46
  • Posted (earlier) on Meta Stack Overflow. – Glorfindel Aug 9 '19 at 10:31

This was there by mistake and is gone now.

I guess this is in that I did change the way it's displayed but as you say, there is room for improvement in how we do these things.

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