I discovered a strange, blank link in this user's Top Network Posts:

Top Network Posts, with one link to a blank post on Meta Stack Exchange that's scored 13

The above link and screenshot are of the user's Unix & Linux site profile, but this issue can be reproduced on any of the user's site profiles other than Meta Stack Exchange (as the blank post appears to be on this site, and posts from the same site are excluded).

The link seems to go to https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/-2147482643/330386#330386, which features a really negative question ID (close to the lowest value that can be represented by a 32-bit signed integer, specifically -(2^31) + 1005), and lacks the title in the URL that is present in all of the other links. It leads to a 404 error.

Going to the actual answer 330386 seems to go to an actual answer on a question migrated to this site, which happens to have a score of 13 (as of the time this was asked).

Why is the question ID incorrect here? Did something go wrong with the migration of that post?

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