I want to ask a question about the development of a popular game (not one that I am making, but a game by another company) where should I ask it?

my question is:

why didn't Minecraft's code moved to a c# based version after being purchased by Microsoft?

Is there is any suitable stack exchange site?


You won't likely find a site on Stack Exchange which would work well for this type of question. Only Microsoft knows why they made specific architectural decisions (unless there coincidentally happens to be an interview about it somewhere).

But more typically, questions about why [company] doesn't use [other platform] becomes quite tiring as folks who [love | hate] that platform come out of the woodwork to proclaim what everyone else should be using. It's just not a constructive dialogue to have, so we typically do not host that type of content in this Q&A.

  • it is not because I love/hate the platform, I just think it is the reasonable thing to do. but I get it, you don't deal with that stuff. I hoped you had a gaming community or something along those lines, but apparently not. thank you! – Aviv Aviv Aug 17 at 20:13
  • 3
    @AvivAviv If you are interested in a site for game developers, we have Game Development. It's an applied site to ask about the type of problems you might encounter when developing games, but discussions you were asking about would be off topic – Robert Cartaino Aug 17 at 21:06

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