From what I've read, this is the proper place for this thing. I first thought tweeting you would get an answer, but I guess not.

On Stack Overflow, when you answer/ask a question, you have the option insert a JavaScript/HTML/CSS snippet. I think there is a bug as the code editor is very slow to pick up keystrokes, clicks, or any other event. I thought it may be a browser extension, but I tried running stackoverflow.com in an incognito window and it's still crazy slow.

The easiest way to reproduce the problem:

  1. Open up Chrome
  2. Add a snippet to an answer/question
  3. Note how slow it is to open the code editor dialog
  4. Start typing in the code editor (any HTML/JavaScript/CSS content). Note how slow it is to pick up your key presses
  5. Run your snippet. See how clicking the button takes a couple of seconds to be even picked up and processed.
  6. Save the snippet to your post. Note how long/glitchy it is as it's saving it and the closing of the editor.

I can reproduce this on three different computers (all macs). This is also not a network issue as all other pages and features within Stack Overflow perform as expected. Not to mention, I can reproduce this at work and at home on a consistent basis

Enter image description here

Appears to work fine with Firefox, but it's unusable in Chrome. Seems like it's been this way for awhile. I have a video/GIF demonstrating the issue, but it's too big to be uploaded here.

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