We currently have two tags on Meta Stack Exchange about sharing:

(79 questions)

For questions relating to sharing a post or promoting the site via email, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

(55 questions)

For questions about any of the sharing options available on the sites.

While an argument could be made that is about the process of sharing a post, and is about the functionality, this distinction is not always made in practice and I'm not sure it's useful either. Should the tags be merged/synonymized (making the master tag)?

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    Since the feature and menu are both called 'share', shouldn't the tag be called share? – Robert Cartaino Aug 30 at 14:56
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    That would work for me, but there are many other tags here in gerund form, e.g. [voting], [posting], so [sharing] isn't really exceptional. – Glorfindel Aug 30 at 15:43
  • Semi-related meta about the tag: Difference between [share-this], [permalink], [short-links]? It does seem to further support that they're basically the same topic. – V2Blast Sep 1 at 7:40

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