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Oftentimes, I search for a solution to a question and land on a link where I have already voted on a question and/or answer. I would find it helpful to see when I put a vote in so that I can tell when I potentially used a particular solution in my project(s).

I am aware of the votes tab where I can look for when I voted on a question/answer but there is no easy way of finding a specific question/answer, especially if there are a lot of votes I have given.

Alternatively, it would be nice to have a date of first and/or last visit on a question.

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  • Heh. I was going to write something about how it'd be useful to have the date in the tooltip, and now I see I already did. :-) – Monica Cellio Aug 30 at 18:55
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    @fedorqui I think my question is the same as my feature request so this can be closed as a duplicate. I also think the answer you posted is the closest we have right now for that so I'll mark that as the accepted answer. Thanks! – OJ7 Sep 3 at 15:58

If you already voted on a post and try to do it again, you'll see a message like:

You last voted on this question Aug 13 at 22:06. Your vote is now locked in unless this question is edited.

So if a post hasn't been edited since you voted it, you can get that information.

Otherwise, if the post was edited it is not possible to get this information: the vote is unlocked and clicking on a vote button will perform a vote (upvote/downvote or un-upvote/downvote).

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