I have noticed that the question "An info box to point new users to The Sandbox" on Code Golf Meta is tagged , yet it is not shown in the community bulletin. (I have added screenshots below.) The featured tag was included already when the question was posted, so it's not a matter of caching.

It seems quite likely that the reason might that there is also the tag. (I have tried to find whether there is some question with the combination of these two tags on another meta, but I did not find one.)

However, this is not how the composition of community bulletin is explained here: What criteria are used to select the links that appear in the community bulletin sidebar block? (current revision). No exception is mentioned in the part about featured posts: "If there are still fewer than four items listed, then meta posts are shown." The (status-completed) tag is only mentioned in the next bullet point - about hot meta post from the local meta.

Question. Is this really caused by the presence of the tag? Is this intended behavior or a bug?

If this is how the community bulletin is supposed to behave, the information in the linked post should be updated. (And if not, well, then it's a bug.)

This is what I see in the community bulletin on the main site:

screenshot of the community bulletin

And this is how it looks on meta:

screenshot of the community bulletin


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