Is it possible to know the exact dates at which Stack Exchange websites have passed each of the development stages before being launched officially? I refer to date of proposal, date of commitment, date of private beta, etc.

In the Area 51 website an approximate date is recorded (i.e. 6 years ago,..for example for Stack Overflow in Russian, this is recorded on the right column here), but I was wondering if I could find the exact dates.


Like most relative timestamps on Stack Exchange sites, you can hover over them to show the exact date:

enter image description here

This won't work for the 'Launched 3 years ago', I've proposed a feature request to change that. Meanwhile, one has to find the appropriate (graduation) post on the site's own Meta site. It's this one for ru.SO; another case where the tooltip proves its worth since you can easily see that "11 дек '15" is 2015-12-11, i.e. December 11th, 2015.

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