When browsing sites in the StackExchange network, Firefox shows a shield by the address bar, and if you hover it it says "Tracking attempts blocked".

Firefox tracking

  • Why is this shown?
  • What does StackExchange sites attempt to track?
  • Do you really need this tracking?
  • Do I have reason to be concerned about my privacy?

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  1. Firefox now blocks cookies from third party sources that only purpose is to track the user across the web in order to "profile" based behavior patterns of users anonymously (the rise of algorithms and neural networks can predict your income, age group, hobbies just from so websites can "better serve you" (aka more "relevant" ads or "content") (see below for the upcoming improved UI of this new feature)
  2. Scorecard Research and Quantserve are the being blocked from storing cookies that are used to uniquely identify you across multiple websites.
  3. This comes down to what you and the owners of the websites you visit think should be able to be tracked/shared with each other
  4. Again this is up to you.

Improved Tracking protection UI in Firefox 71 Blocked cookie access on Stack Exchange

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    omg, obviously you can click on the shield to get more information :facepalm:. Thank you for this kmg90. Btw, I love Firefox. I'll come back and accept the answer unless someone comes with a more "official" / authoritative answer.
    – aioobe
    Sep 17, 2019 at 21:08

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