Why did you made badges so cheap? They are given way too soon. I have recently received the "Organizer" badge only after one approved edit.

One should earn a badge after a substantial good-quality input.

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    Try going for the golden badges, such as Socratic and Legendary to see the difference between bronze badges awarded for learning about a feature of the site and golden badges awarding outstanding contributions. – Secespitus Sep 20 '19 at 10:57
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    I see. Thank you. – Marino Klisovich Sep 20 '19 at 11:48

This is by design. Bronze badges are intended to be cheap; they teach you about certain features and rules of the site.

  1. Bronze badges. Bronze badges are awarded for basic use of the site; they encourage people to use all the typical, routine functions of the site: posting questions, answering questions, voting up or down, tagging posts, editing, filling out your user profile, and so forth. Bronze badges are relatively easy to get.

Properly tagging a question is one of those rules, and therefore you receive a badge for something as simple as changing the tags on somebody else's question. Note that unlike reputation, bronze badges do not give additional privileges, they just look nice.

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