The Share menu in iOS 13 got a redesign, and the Stack Exchange iOS app is no longer compatible with it. I can still use it to copy the link, but when I try close the menu, it remains stuck.
Opening another app and then returning automatically dismisses the menu, but then I can't use the back button anymore to return to the question list. (I'm still able to refresh the page, so it's a navigation issue.)

enter image description here

Ironically, I discovered this bug while trying to mark this bug report about the iOS app as a duplicate; in the app, the quickest way to do that is to use the Share menu to copy the link to the original question to the clipboard...

  • App Version:
  • Device: iPhone 7 Plus
  • OS Version: Version 13.1 (Build 17A844)

You can avoid having the app freeze at all while still getting your share link.

The trick is:

  1. Tap on “mail” and copy the link from there.
  2. Delete the email draft, do not try to send it else it will lock up.
  3. Then swipe the share menu down (do not use the close button).

If you do end up having the app freeze you can unfreeze it by opening a draft. I always have at least one draft at the bottom of the app. You just need to keep leaving and coming back to app to actually get there.


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