I've just come across this curio on the Full Site on Mobile. When I tap the 'more' button for ordering posts, I can't see the top. I assume it's stuck behind the header which must have a higher z-index.

Could the developers make the top bounding box include the header height?

screenshot showing how the sort options box gets stuck

I'm using Chrome on Android.

  • I reproduced this on iOS Safari. However, the only thing you’re missing in that menu is the bountied option, which you can replicate with just a custom filter. – Laurel Sep 28 at 18:47
  • @Laurel yeah, I'm not worried about missing stuff - I rarely use it (which is why I've only just noticed). I'm only posting this because it's broken and probably should be fixed :) – marcellothearcane Sep 28 at 19:05
  • ("curio" - "A strange and interesting object; something that evokes curiosity.") – Peter Mortensen Sep 29 at 14:28
  • @Peter exactly. – marcellothearcane Sep 29 at 17:28

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