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So there are great many questions with great answers where they have been abandoned by the OP - some take a great deal of time to create.

In a nutshell I propose automatically accepting answers that have sufficient upvotes on popular questions.

I'm aware that there are dangers to this particularly if people are vote farming via automated methods.

In my mind the upvotes would validate people using the site have searched for the problem and the answer solved said problem. There should certainly be a UI difference between "clicked on accepted" and "community accepted". I'm not sure how you would implement this for bountied questions because of the negative effect on the OP.

This is potentially complex but would reward sometimes considerable effort? Any thoughts?

EDIT I'm updating this in line with the comments to why I think this needs revisiting and why I don't agree with some of most upvoted answers in those questions. Will be back soon!

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    Bearing in mind this is tagged DISCUSSION, the downvotes are a bit err - odd. – Mrk Fldig Oct 7 at 18:06
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    It's not odd; some people disagree with your proposal. This is more of a feature request than a discussion but the same principle applies. – canon Oct 7 at 18:12
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    Oh no I don't mind that - but DISCUSSION shouldn't mean my rep gets smashed for asking a question? I guess thats another meta question entirely! Disagree by all means but maybe explain why? – Mrk Fldig Oct 7 at 18:13
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    Check out Add a note about downvoting on Meta for an explanation. I agree it feels odd when coming from a not-meta site :-) – Josien Oct 7 at 18:13
  • @Josien hmm that's a good point actually, thanks for that. I guess yeah it's a different type of rating. – Mrk Fldig Oct 7 at 18:14
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    There are a bunch related posts as you did not mention any of them in your post, it seems like you have not researched before posting your question/discussion. – James Jenkins Oct 7 at 18:17
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  • So I used the usual suggested answers when entering the question, I shall review and edit, thanks for those! – Mrk Fldig Oct 7 at 18:23

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