I've come across a strange display of a difference between two revisions of a list in a post, where in a newer revision only one bullet point was changed: the "inline" and "side-by-side" differences look as if the whole list has been completely rewritten. See the following screenshots of this page at ru.SO (the place where I first found it; not sure how to search for edited lists on other SE sites).

Actual change, "side-by-side markdown" view

screenshot of side-by-side markdown diff

Side-by-side diff

screenshot of side-by-side diff

Inline diff shows basically the same problem as side-by-side one, only the large red wall of text is above the green one.

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    And it only seems to have started around revision 39 (I tried some of the ones before 39, and the diffs were correctly shown) – muru Oct 8 '19 at 9:12

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