I saw an​ answer, but even though it was correctly pointing OP's mistake, the answer read as the poster was trying to get some clarification from the OP; and the answer was too short. The answer got downvoted.

Original answer:

Are you using in-memory or database authentication? I don't see any. Refer this link for step by step guide.

I would modify it as follows:

In your configuration you are missing authentication part that is why your authentication is getting failed.

You can use configure authentication by auth-config1

bla bla bla


You can use configure authentication by auth-config2

bla bla bla

For step by step guide refer this link

I don't see anything great for writing my own answer instead of editing the correct answer.

Now my question: if that answer gets accepted or gets upvotes in future (after getting edited), is there any badge rewarding the person who edited it?


No, there's no such a badge. Editing answers will count towards the Strunk and White/Copy Editor badges, though.

But there was a hat in 2018's Winter Bash that had a similar trigger:

Clean-Up Duty1

Clean-Up Duty

Edit 5 questions that later get upvoted.

Trigger confirmed by Catija here.

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