I'm curious if I can find users in Data Explorer by their GitHub username or Twitter handle.

I know I can find users from their Location (Location) or their Website link (WebsiteUrl).

Is there a way to find them based off of Twitter username or GitHub username?

Here's the query I came up with so far (using AboutMe), but I verified that it doesn't actually check the GitHub link, rather it checks just the whole About me (not including the GH or Twitter link)

SELECT u.Id as [User Link]
FROM Users u
WHERE AboutMe LIKE '%' + ##userName:string## + '%'
ORDER BY CreationDate DESC


Not a duplicate of this post, I'm specifically asking about the fields for Twitter and GH username.


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It's not possible; these fields simply aren't in the database schema, as documented here: Database schema documentation for the public data dump and SEDE. The Stack Exchange API doesn't expose them either.

I suppose you could write a query which checks for GitHub links in the AboutMe field, e.g. SELECT * FROM Users WHERE AboutMe LIKE '%<a href="https://github.com/"%' but those are more likely to yield links to actual GitHub projects since people tend to use the dedicated field for their GitHub account itself.


I'm assuming github URLs are in this format:


If that's the case, then using @Glorfindel's suggestion above would do the job so long as the first argument in the query URL isn't /orgs/, and the {projectname} argument shouldn't be used either, otherwise it's most likely the developer is mentioning a project, not a profile of a person.

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