Currently, there is a bug in the search feature on stackexchange.com. Namely, it always says that "Your search returned no matches." regardless of which term I type into the "Search all sites" box.

So now, we need to get the bug fixed so that "Search all sites" works properly again.

  • It is a bit unfortunate that this broken as I use it often when new users post here on MSE to give them a search result that provides potential better sites for their question and/or to find their answer themselves. If I have a say in priorities I would suggest this one needs to be near the top of the bug list. – rene Oct 12 at 6:56
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    Thanks for the heads up, I can see the issue in the logs but won't be able to resolve it until Monday – Dean Ward Oct 12 at 8:08

m0sa just pushed a build that fixes this. We added some metric handling in the search code but stackexchange.com didn't have metric handling configured correctly so was hitting a null reference when running the search across all sites.

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    Thanks for fixing this. Having the ability to search all of SE at once is quite helpful. It's something I commonly use at least a few/several times per day. – Makyen Oct 14 at 16:47

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