I was just browsing through the top user page and might have spotted an error. See e.g. Tarun with 15.9k reps on the quarterly page.

enter image description here

In the monthly overview he has 351 reps. enter image description here

If i am not mistaken, the quarter just started, so the monthly reps should equal the quarter reps.

For some users the monthly reps equal the quarterly reps, see akrun or Gordon Linoff.

Concerning rene´s comment, that quarter "is quarter", but month could be "last 30 days". That is a good hint, but that would not explain the following stats.

Tarun - Monthly: 351; Quarterly: 15.9k

Akrun - Monthly: 4035 Quarterly: 4035

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    something with quarter being real quarters but month not being months but the last 30 days. There is duplicate for this, if not as a question then somewhere as a chat message .... – rene Oct 12 at 18:50
  • thanks for the hint. I made an edit. I am not sure it can explain the stats, that for some users month and quarter reps are the same and following your argument for Tarun the monthly reps should be way higher and for quarterly way lower, if i am not mistaken,... – BigDataScientist Oct 12 at 19:01
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    Note that if you hover over the Quarter tab, @rene - it declares that the quarter started 2019-10-01 to today Note that the month hover-text declares the same thing – rolfl Oct 12 at 20:30

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