One reason that I do not like using SE is third-party elements that track me and invade my privacy: specifically, Google captcha, which I am forced to use even when logged in. I use various blockers in Firefox and can prevent most other third party-trackers, but not Google captcha obviously. It was a brilliant invention by Google to track people across the internet who did not want to be tracked.

My question is simple. Are there others who are concerned about this mandatory third-party tracking, who would prefer an in-house / on-site captcha?

People are increasingly and rightly concerned about being tracked by third parties. California just introduced legislation to start to protect residents' privacy better.

I understand that bots are a problem. However I run a popular website that has been online 10 years, and am able to hold them off with a simple, static question/answer captcha that does not involve Google and therefore most importantly protects my users' privacy.

Surely SE, with all its smart software developers, could create a captcha that would be appropriate to its scale - and perhaps perform some useful task for SE that cannot be easily automated.

Working in a matter that is respectful of your contributors and users' privacy matters and is important to future business success, I believe.

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    Whitelist SE cookie and you won't have to log in again and go trhough the capcha? – Tensibai Oct 12 at 20:36
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    Does the captcha contain tracking info? Citation needed. – marcellothearcane Oct 12 at 21:37
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    I never seen a captcha on the network, ever... – Luuklag Oct 12 at 21:46
  • Interesting. I had to answer traffic signals and cars today, and I was already logged in. Maybe because uBlock blocks so many third party scripts I am considered more bot-like? Before posting I did see a former question in meta that was about users getting too many captchas in the past. – brett Oct 12 at 22:25
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    I rarely see the captcha, but did actually see it today. Perhaps some cookie universally reset. Either way, I don't think the captcha tracks you. At least, Privacy Badger lets it through, and they block specifically tracking scripts, known and by behavior. – user212646 Oct 12 at 22:26
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    It's google tho so it's evil by default!!!1!1!1! – user400654 Oct 13 at 0:00
  • I have uBlock in its mostly-default state and the only times I see a captcha is on data.se. I may have also seen a captcha when I wrote an answer and let it sit for a while without edits before submitting it. – John Dvorak Oct 13 at 9:33

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