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  1. On this answer I used ```makefile and it is "working" the highlighting:
    • enter image description here
  2. However, on this other answer, I am also using ```makefile and it is not working the highlighting:
    • enter image description here

Where is the list of language names supported by the markdown fenced code blocks? Is makefile one of them? Perhaps it is called Makefile? makemake? toktok?

The documentation on https://stackoverflow.com/editing-help#syntax-highlighting does not say it either.

  • Neither is working for me. – Laurel Oct 13 '19 at 6:06

The list is maintained in the official FAQ:

What is syntax highlighting and how does it work?

Do note that makefile is not in this list (that I copied verbatim below). The reason you see some effect is caused by the fallback that is used for unknown prettifiers: It uses default and that effectively means it take a guess, does a best effort. See also my answer on Meta.SO: What is the default language for the syntax highlighter?

I advice you to first use a supported prettifier and go from there.


  • Default: let Prettify interpret the code and guess default
  • None: explicitly do not use any syntax highlighting lang-none
  • Bash and other Shell scripting lang-bash, lang-bsh, lang-csh, lang-sh
  • C, C++, Objective-C, et al. lang-c, lang-cc, lang-cpp, lang-cxx, lang-cyc, lang-m
  • C# lang-cs
  • CoffeeScript lang-coffee
  • HTML, XML, XSL, et al. lang-html, lang-xml, lang-xsl
  • Java lang-java
  • JavaScript lang-js, lang-javascript
  • JSON lang-json
  • Perl lang-pl, lang-perl
  • Python lang-py, lang-python, lang-cv
  • Regex lang-regex
  • Ruby lang-rb, lang-ruby


  • Clojure [lang-clj][clj]
  • CSS [lang-css][css]
  • Dart [lang-dart][dart]
  • Erlang lang-erl, [lang-erlang][erlang]
  • Go [lang-go][go]
  • Haskell [lang-hs][hs]
  • LaTeX, TeX lang-latex, [lang-tex][tex]
  • Lisp, Scheme lang-cl, lang-el, [lang-lisp][lisp], lang-lsp, lang-scm, lang-ss, lang-rkt
  • Lua [lang-lua][lua]
  • MATLAB [lang-matlab][matlab]
  • OCaml, SML, F#, et al. lang-fs, [lang-ml][ml]
  • Pascal, Delphi [lang-pascal][pascal]
  • Protocol Buffers [lang-proto][proto]
  • R, S [lang-r][r], lang-s
  • Rust lang-rc, lang-rs, [lang-rust][rust]
  • Scala [lang-scala][scala]
  • SQL [lang-sql][sql]
  • Swift [lang-swift][swift]
  • VHDL [lang-vhdl][vhdl], lang-vhd
  • Visual Basic, VBScript [lang-vb][vb], lang-vbs
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