Yesterday (14 October) in Music: Practice and Theory I received the bronze modulation tag badge. Yet a look at my reputation shows that I haven't received any upvotes on answers for modulation-tagged questions since 20 September.

Furthermore, there have been no edits on questions that I've answered that retroactively add the modulation tag.

How did I receive this tag badge?

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    A user was removed on 2 October (-10 points), but that's the only such action. No anomalous increase of 2 points. – Richard Oct 14 '19 at 14:49
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    @ErikA I'm exclusively discussing my answers; in an effort to de-clutter the post I made that unclear. Sorry! And yes, I'm accounting for any tag edits, none of which have occurred in the past several days. – Richard Oct 14 '19 at 14:55

You can only receive tag badges for tags which are used on 100 or more questions.

Modulation from D major to D minor, should I go sudden or gradual? was the 100th such question, asked two days ago, and this event made the [modulation] tag eligible for tag badges. Those are usually awarded somewhere in the early UTC morning, that job runs once a day.

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