The reputation league is looking a little weird right now; the #1 spot for October is occupied by a user with 5,352 reputation gained this month (according to the league) but only 1,077 reputation:

enter image description here

This is caused by deleted posts; see Incorrect numbers in Reputation Leagues. In this particular case, this +478 answer (screenshot for users with less than 10k reputation) was deleted, and it seems that all upvotes on that answer are counted, disregarding the fact that most of them (all but ~80) wouldn't have counted anyway, because of the daily reputation limit. It does make sense to include private reputation events in the leagues but it would be nice to have them count for the right amount of reputation.

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    Personally, I'll be quite upset if a CM or representative, while ignoring every single issue that has been front page news on MSE in the last three weeks, replies to this. There are worst bugs to fix. – Mari-Lou A Oct 15 at 6:55
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    Oh, it's a low-priority bug for sure. And I could imagine that there are some Stack Exchange developers who only handle 'technical' issues and don't want to burn their hands on the CoC situation (and I wouldn't blame them for it). – Glorfindel Oct 15 at 6:57
  • Just to know. Why that answer was deleted? If it was from a mod or CM? Was there a good reason for that? – Victor Stafusa Oct 15 at 7:34
  • A CM has stated "I'm deleting this because it is impractical to answer a dozen questions asked at once, and meanwhile this has become a perpetual target for warring in comments." – Glorfindel Oct 15 at 7:36
  • Let me guess. It became a perpetual target for warring in comments because nobody else was agreeing with the CM. Did I got it right? – Victor Stafusa Oct 15 at 9:47

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