Despite being an important mark, the reaching of 200 reputation is not marked in the privilege ladder. The achievement grant in fact some privileges around the SE network

  • Qualification for an association bonus
  • Counting you in as an experienced user in the commitment phase of the Area51 process

The privilege is clearly of the "milestone" type, it could be named something like experienced user (that's the terminology used in Area51).


There is already a privilege at that step of the ladder, however I happened to consult the help page of a site where this privilege is hidden. The privilege is "reduce ads". By nature, it applies only to sites with advertising enabled.

  • I think that the reduce ads privilege should be granted to everyone at 0 rep.Twice. – Victor Stafusa Oct 17 at 4:02
  • Unfortunately it is revoked at reputation 1 unless you are Chuck Norris. – jknappen - Reinstate Monica Oct 18 at 8:12

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