There has been some level of effort to provide written transcripts of official Stack Exchange podcasts. Transcripts for the first four Unicorn Meta Zoo podcasts were posted on Github, and the ninth received a transcript as an answer. Some podcasts don't seem to have transcripts at all anywhere, and for those that do, their locations are inconsistent. Externally-hosted transcripts can decay at any time.

Let's have an official process or practice to create transcripts of official podcasts. This would benefit several groups:

  • Users with hearing or auditory processing disabilities
  • Users for whom English is a foreign language and that prefer reading at their own pace
  • Users in areas where listening to a podcast is socially inappropriate and/or potentially disruptive, such as a public library, classroom, or workplace
  • Users with low bandwidth and/or high-latency connections
  • Perhaps they could look into otter.ai – marcellothearcane Oct 16 at 19:31
  • 3
    @RobertColumbia Transcripts would also be useful for anybody who can read considerably faster than people are talking on the podcast, and would rather save time by reading (including possibly skimming parts they don't have much interest in) than listening to an entire podcast. Also, it makes it much easier for anybody to go back and do things like reread some particular section of the podcast at a later time. – John Omielan Oct 17 at 0:30
  • 1
    To add to the benefits of transcripts, transcripts are also searchable and indexable. – SolveIt Oct 17 at 2:43

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