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Ooh, good point. We can actually fix that, though. Would you mind writing up a separate bug report for that, please? – Adam Lear♦︎

  1. Have an account on any Stack Exchange site (and are thus signed in across the network).
  2. Dismiss the top banner advertising the Podcast by clicking the X.
  3. Visit another site, where you also have an account.
  4. Banner is also dismissed there (after a few minutes).
  5. Click a Hot Network Question and visit a site that you haven't joined.

enter image description here

Podcast banner is still shown on no-account sites.


We should now correctly recognize your network account id even if you don't have a profile on the site you're visiting - provided, as Sonic points out in the comments, we know who you are in the first place. Still, better than nothing. At the very least, dismissing the banner on a *.stackexchange.com site will cover all of the Q&A sites rooted at that domain, which is the majority of our site network.

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