In the Stack Exchange Leagues page, there are some mismatches between the display in the main page and the period-wise report page.

For example in the Stack Overflow League, the top user for the month is unutbu and the top user for the quarter is Ciro Santilli, but clicking on the month and quarter pages, the top user is listed as Gordon Linoff.

SO League

Likewise, in the Meta Stack Exchange League the top user for the quarter is displayed as Glorfindel, but clicking on the quarter page the top user is listed as Sterling Archer:

MSE League

Is this a bug or known functonality?


This could be a bug, but the Leagues overview page shows the same top users (up to caching) as the /users page on the site itself:

The league itself includes reputation from deleted posts, and worse, the daily reputation limit isn't (at least not entirely) taken into account for those posts.

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