My preferred window width is wide enough to have plenty of space between the left-hand icons and the right-hand icons, but too narrow to have the search bar displayed.


How can I cause it to be always displayed, as it was until 2019-11-06? Preferably through a site feature but for whatever reason it's hidden by design; if not with a CSS tweak (installable with Stylish or the like); if not with a JavaScript tweak (installable through Tampermonkey or the like).

  • Could there be scripts that click the scripts which click the search bar or change the flag (looks like a bool which records the state of the search bar) at the time of resize? But it hides the site name, which I use to go to home page. i.stack.imgur.com/aU6QS.png – ankii Nov 7 '19 at 22:46

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