There is a hidden tab on all sites, showing participation. It can be accessed by going to the SE site and adding this to the end: users?tab=Participation. This then sorts users into the amount they have participated on that site.

I am guessing this is calculated by:

  • reputation
  • posts
  • edits
  • flags?

Can we add a link to this tab so users can visit it?

This could help with:

  • it being easier to see who contributes the most in that community
  • it's existence could be made known to more users

It's only a tab link, it can't be that hard to add it.

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    It's not obvious what it's measuring eg: top listed user on WB.SE has a reputation of 101 (unable to down-vote), has never asked or answered, and over their three plus years has roughly similar flag and vote-count to myself (11.7k user) - yet I'm not listed in the first seven pages of results. Could we establish what it measures before requesting a tab? – We are Monica. Nov 8 at 20:26
  • @WeareMonica. they have a lot of votes though – user416943 Nov 8 at 20:27
  • True, fewer than Willk who appears 8th on the list, who doesn't have as many flags - so maybe an arcane calculation involving multiple factors. There's also the time-period to consider. – We are Monica. Nov 8 at 20:49
  • related (possibly a duplicate): Replace accept rate with citizenship level – gnat Nov 8 at 22:53

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