When question upvotes were worth five points and answer upvotes ten, it was immediately obvious what new reputation was for. If I saw "+5" it meant that a question got upvoted while if I saw "+10" it meant that an answer got upvoted.

Now that question upvotes are also worth ten points, the notification is exactly the same whether the upvote I received was for a question or an answer. Even if I open the pop-up I still can only see the post title. Nothing tells me whether it was for a question or an answer. Sure, in most cases I can figure it out based on the title, but there are probably times where I wouldn't remember or I've posted a self-answer.

Is there any way to have something to immediately distinguish what the reputation gain is for?

  • This is a sensible change but it's not a new problem, see this screenshot. – TheLethalCoder Nov 14 at 10:00
  • @TheLethalCoder That would only occur if you earned reputation while away. Or a bounty. – Alex Nov 14 at 13:53
  • Yes but two simultaneous upvotes on a question and one on a self answer causes the same problem leaving it unclear for what it's for. (Rare I know but was hypothetically possible). – TheLethalCoder Nov 14 at 13:55

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