I occasionally read comments that seem to imply there are other places on the Internet where the Stack community has discussions. Other than the occasional Medium post I'm not aware of these.

Do these places exist? Where are they?

I'd be interested in both Stack users and non-Stack users.


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On reddit there is a dedicated subreddit and it also shows up in the programming subreddits.


Youtube comment discussion - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFiQPkdb5Qs

And of course GoFundMe

  • Link unavailabe due to SE policies, but Googling Monica Cellio GoFundme will bring it up.

After the drama/exodus on Ru.SO, which happened earlier and is unrelated to the current CoC/ads/Monica events on SE (but which shared the same root problem of administration disregarding community), some Ru.SO's users migrated from the official chat to an unofficial Zulip chat.

Anyone interested can find the link in profiles of some of top users of Ru.SO. (I'd rather not include the link here directly to avoid accidental visits, as most MSE users aren't probably interested in a Russian chat.)

We got tired of administration removing Meta posts and chat messages, so we found a new place where we can discuss SO without censorship.

  • I'm sorry to be so dense, but I couldn't find the link on anybody's profile. Would you mind mentioning the link here or sending me an email? My address is in my profile. Nov 17, 2019 at 0:35
  • 2
    @MarkHarrison You can find it in either my profile on Ru.SO or profile of the top user of all time.
    – Athari
    Nov 17, 2019 at 4:20

Hacker News is a discussion forum or social news site with a community of users interested in thoughtful discussions on a wide variety of interesting topics with a primary focus on technology, startups/business. Naturally, there’s an overlap between its readers and Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange users. Here are are some recent discussions on Stack Exchange itself:

Regular question-and-answers are also commented on and discussed, e.g.,

List of all submissions from stackexchange.com


Hackernoon has mentioned it

Dev.to also has some articles on the site

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