When searching on a Stack Exchange site, your query is shown both in the top bar and just above the search results:

search results on Meta Stack Exchange

However, this is not the case when doing a networkwide search on stackexchange.com. There, the search bar in the top bar gets reset, only the other one is showing the query:

search results on stackexchange.com

I prefer the search bar not getting reset, since that's where I entered my original query.

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    Rather than "frame challenge" I'll comment: Not only is main site different from the other sites, but stackoverflow.com is different too. Using your example: Search "test" it drops the 2nd search bar, and the reason is probably due to Teams; because if you repeat that search (without blocking 'Team results', if you are on at least one Team), like this: Search "test" the 2nd bar is dumped, because having multiple ones would be weird.
    – Rob
    Nov 21, 2019 at 9:23


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