I just saw this question and one line jumped out at me:

I mean a question with a lot of posts by users who are new to Meta. These posts are explicitly open to new users.

A feature request was made last year to have unprotecting a question disable it from further auto-protection to avoid the protect/unprotect wars that happen between Community ♦ and other users. There was a proposed change to the feature request to disable auto-protection entirely on questions with the tag. JNat responded to some comments on that post pointing out that changing the feature might be good, but optimizing for edge cases isn't.

The sandbox and the contest are not the intended uses for our format, @SonictheInclusiveHedgehog — not discarding that changing the behavior of the feature might be a good idea, it certainly isn't one to optimize it for two edge cases. – JNat♦ Nov 29 '18 at 16:32

If meta posts are supposed to explicitly be open to new users, I propose that we disable auto-protection from all questions on MSE and the per-site metas.

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If meta posts are supposed to explicitly be open to new users

They're not; only a few of them are, most notably announcements and contests (often recongizable by the tag). Otherwise, having users posting non-answers is just as much as a problem here as it is on other sites, so the auto-protection feature works as designed. Actually, many of these 'open to everybody' posts have seen an increased number of very low quality / not an answers in the past two months. Luckily, we have enough regulars here to keep the Low Quality Posts review queue in check.

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