In StackOverflow, I always wanted the ability to edit my comments. Previously I used to delete them and write a new one.

Suddenly today, I started noticing edit link next to my comments. Maybe I didn't notice till now.

But it is there only for some of my comments and not others. Why is it so?


Now, some of those edit links are gone. Is the comment editable only for a certain amount of time after writing it?


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This was covered here:

Should we be allowed to edit comments?

You can now edit your own comments after you post them, within a 5 minute window.

How do you know a comment has been edited? A little pencil icon will appear next to it. The mouseover title tooltip explains what this pencil icon means, and also provides a count of how many times the comment was edited in that 5 minute window.

Moderators can edit any comments at any time. This action is logged and visible in that moderator's user history to other moderators.


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