If my question gets migrated or I flag it to be migrated, then where does it get posted? What is its status? Is it shown as a new question? Is it at the top of the list? Are the chances of people seeing it any more or less than a question originally posted on the same site?


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Yes, it's shown as a new question on top of the homepage (of the site it's migrated to). It appears to be asked at the time it was migrated, though on the question page itself there will be a link to the question at its original location where you can really see how old it is.

Migration does not have a large effect on how many people see it on the new site, but here are some thoughts:

  • For a while, it will be on the homepage of two sites (if it's migrated while still on the homepage of the original site).
  • Upvotes from the original site are carried over, so if it had a positive score and users are more likely to click on questions with a positive score, that might have an effect.
    • It might attract slightly more upvotes this way, and if you're lucky it might hit the Hot Network Questions list because of this, but those are all secondary effects.
  • Migrated questions are listed in the moderator tools but hardly anybody looks at those.

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