Similar symptoms to the last year's problem Comment timestamp is not showing in Firefox ESR and Comments with MathJax not rendered on Firefox ESR and same workarounds: Either, open and close the Web Developer Inspector (Cntrl+Shift+C); Or, Restore-Maximize the browser window.

It's an old "unsupported" browser Firefox 52.9 32bit, so if not fixable, I'll keep using the Win+KeyDown & Win+KeyUp combination to re-render the page with corrupted comments. Not every page needs it. I look at the last comments: if they're missing a timestamp, there might be some MathJax missing too.

UPDATE: I was asked to edit the question to address that "Some community members have suggested a similar question that may solve your problem". Well, a reiteration that my Firefox is not supported, which I stated already in my question, does not solve my problem. I'm looking to collect workarounds here. Pressing a number of keys to resize the body is one solution, also please take a look at another thread JavaScript to resize and re-render an element or the window where I'm asking for an automatic Javascript user-script that would do the workaround for me each time after the page is loaded.



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