I have changed my Stack Exchange login email address to a new email address in the following two configuration pages and verified the new email from its inbox.

1) https://stackoverflow.com/users/email/settings/USER_ACCOUNT_NMUMBER
2) https://stackoverflow.com/users/mylogins/USER_ACCOUNT_NUMBER

In the first configuration page, everything seems alright (the new email appears as the only one for notifications about all Stack Exchange communities I have joined);
But, when I navigate to the second configuration page,
I get this pattern:

enter image description here

At least now, I do indeed want to keep the old email address as an additional valid login credential,
But I don't understand why does the new email appears under the Other part of page, instead under the Stack Exchange part of page and on top of the old email address.

How could one move a new verified email address to be under the Stack Exchange part of page and also to be on top of the old email address, so that nothing will appear under the Other part of page?

P.S: I found no session on this


Well, it seems to me that with time, both email addresses were rearranged under Stack Exchange part of page.

  • I don't know how much time passed since the day of change and the actual rearrangement though;
    I would assume it's a matter of one week - a mod with deeper knowledge of the system is welcome to edit this answer with the exact time frame.

Anyway, I could now remove the old email and it seemed to me that finally this saga of email change came to its end.

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