When you click in the search field at the top of every page, you get shown some extra information for searching. It includes a brief explanation about the search syntax as well as link to show more. However, it also includes a button that leads you to ask a question.

When searching I expect to avoid asking a question by finding the answer first. Even if I do decide to make a question, there is a different button on top of the page that will leads to the question interface.

So, a lot of times searching and asking are not related. When they are (because you're looking for prior relevant questions but can't find any), I do not think the "Ask a question" is not needed in the search form. Including screenshots to illustrate this:

Image showing the search bar and the "Ask question" button on a normal page

Image showing the search popover that has a "Ask a question" button and a "search help" clickable link at the bottom

Removing the button seems like it would alleviate the problem but it might be even better to change it to an actual search button which is also missing:

Image showing the "Ask a question" button changed to "Search"

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