With the new post notices showing above posts, I am noticing an interesting discrepancy. As a user with 10,000 reputation on some sites I can see deleted answers, and they now are accompanied by a notice that says that they are hidden, and who deleted them.

When an answer was deleted regularly by users with delete privileges the notice says:

This post is hidden.

Screenshot of quoted text

When an answer was deleted from review the notice says:

This answer is hidden.

Screenshot of quoted text

As far as I'm aware (and see here) the term "answer" includes all answers, while the term "post" includes all answers and all questions. I don't think that the process of how an answer was deleted relates to that.

Why is an answer deleted regularly called a "post", while an answer deleted from review is called an "answer"?

Was this differentiation done deliberately? If so, to what end?

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All notices are now internally consistent with use of post/answer (some of the notices are reused for questions and answers - thus the usage of "post") – Yaakov Ellis♦ Nov 6 at 8:19


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