Ordinarily, users with 15k+ reputation can protect questions that are at least 24 hours old, and have at least one answer from a user with less than 10 reputation.

However, I'm unable to protect this question, which satisfies both of these criteria: the "protect" button doesn't show up. After eliminating other potential causes, such as:

  • the one answer from a <10 rep user being not from a new user, but from an established user who is suspended: protection should still be possible in this case
  • the fact that the question has an active bounty: I've protected questions with bounties before with no problem, and I've only had 15k+ reputation (or even a registered account) after the current criteria were set

...I believe the only remaining reason is the fact that a moderator has disabled commenting. Since, internally, this is still treated as a lock, and locked questions can't ordinarily be answered or protected, the "protect" option doesn't show.

Can it please be made possible for 15k+ users to protect questions on which a moderator has disabled commenting?

Update: This also applies for the "unprotect" option as well: there are no restrictions on unprotecting, so the only possible reason why the "unprotect" option isn't showing up is because the question is comment-locked.


Thanks for the report! I made sure the protected and locked notices played well together, but completely forgot about the menu links.

This is now fixed.

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