I've found this post, where an SE employee stated that:

a rollback does not cause a reversal of the reputation gained

But check this question.

enter image description here

  1. Edit was approved.
  2. Member got reputation.
  3. Author rolled back edit.
  4. Member lost reputation.

Was something changed in the logic?


A normal rollback won't cause you to lose the 2 reputation.

But when the post author overrides the edit approval, this causes a rollback and the 2 reputation will be lost, since the suggested edit isn't 'approved' anymore and that is what gives you the 2 reputation.

This is reflected in the suggested edit; the oldest reviews say 'Принять' ('Approve'), so the edit was initially approved, but then the post author decided to 'Отклонить' ('Reject') the edit.

enter image description here


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