The title is basically my question. Is Fashionable for views on all questions asked during Winter Bash on all sites or on just one site?

It has an explanation of:

get over 9,000 combined total views on all questions that you asked during Winter Bash

But that doesn't get me anywhere with what I am asking.


All hats have implicit requirements, one being that unless stated otherwise the trigger counts only one site.

That is why we get "why did I not get the hat" every year it runs 2013 2014 2016 2017

Other hats this year that mean "do X on one site" are: Rep Hunter, Werewolf Hunter, Just Jesting, The Milliner, and Propel Thyself.

The only hats that have ever counted cross sites are Eliza Doolots, Running Ragged, and Brunhilde.

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