At How do I keep track of activity by new users so I can encourage them?, I read that there's a New Posts by New Users link in the moderator tools that you get access to at 10k reputation on grown-up sites, or 2k reputation on fledgling sites.

I have 8K rep at a small site (Spanish.SE) which was one of the batch of Beta sites that suddenly graduated a few months ago.

I don't think I have access to those notifications, but I would like to, since this would make it easier to welcome, guide, and respond to new participants.

I either need a feature change (lower the rep threshold) or instructions for how to use the existing feature (if I do have enough rep).


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That's an old question and that report doesn't exist anymore, not even for ♦ moderators. The privilege page doesn't mention it anymore, and neither does the FAQ. It might have been replaced by the First Posts review queue which (AFAICT) was created somewhere in 2011.

There is a related 10k report, 'New Answer to Old Questions', but it displays posts by veteran users as well. This is the first hit of that report on Meta Stack Exchange. You can find all these reports on the 'stats' tab of the Tools page, which is accessible on /tools; a link can be found on the main review page (/review); there's a Tools button on the top right.

Another option to get a list of new posts by new users, if you have the moderator tools privilege, you can also review other users' reviews at /review/first-posts/history. You don't need to pay attention to the reviews themselves, just click on the post titles:

enter image description here

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    Are you saying that all questions and answers appearing from brand-new users will automatically, always show up in the review queue, whether they are of questionable quality or not, and that is the only way I can notice that there is a post out there needing a welcome note and a critical eye? Commented Dec 19, 2019 at 18:45
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    Yes, they will show up in the review queue (even if the user has the association bonus) and regardless of quality. Another option is to check the front page (for a site like Spanish.SE, that should be doable) or /questions, but there's no way to filter on reputation.
    – Glorfindel Mod
    Commented Dec 19, 2019 at 18:48

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